Submit A Headshot to help clinicians recognize BAINBRIDGE ROPERS SYNDROME!

Purpose of this study:

Due to the rarity of BRPS, doctors may not know how to recognize it or how to best help. As part of a study summarizing the features of BRPS to doctors, we are collecting headshots of individuals with BRPS to create a composite face to illustrate its characteristic facial features. We hope that this will help doctors recognize BRPS.

Participation Requirements:

Individuals submitting photos must have clinical features of Bainbridge Ropers Syndrome.

How to Participate:

Send in three photos: a straight-on headshot, left side profile, and right side-profile. The example to the right demonstrates the ideal submission in green, with the red highlighted photos showing common mistakes.

When submitting photos, please:

1: Position in front of a solid background

2: Have a neutral facial expression, do not smile.

3: Capture the entire head and neck in the center of the photo (landscape image, 1x zoom)

4: If possible, please submit photos both with and without flash enabled.

How to Submit Photos:

Please download and sign the consent form (click to open). We are happy to talk you through the consent form and explain it thoroughly. Please contact to set up a time to discuss it over the phone.

Please submit photos and consent forms to

Thank you for contributing to BRPS research!


Questions may be sent to:

Ross Kaufhold:

Charles Ryan: